Aug 16

Alexander Kendal: Cycling Stories

Hello everyone..I’ve been with you for a short time … I’ve learned a lot, but today I want you to know something about me … I’m a 24-year-old paisa boy who loves cycling, reading and tattoos.I love cycling in natural environments with streams and mountains, and of course with a good company to enjoy loneliness and nakedness.I like to keep fit by riding a bicycle … it makes me happy to take tours of quiet parts, although I have become very skilled walking around the city.In addition to the good it does to the environment, it oxygenates and calms me down a lot. It gives me time to think about new projects and get to know new places … and of course .. your legs will thank you later, giving you very good benefitsI tell you that my taste for this sport started one day while I was walking through one of the hills of my city. I find in my way an attractive cyclist boy who came down from the mountain and was stranded by a tire … he walked without coverage on his phone and asks me to make contact with his parents to pick him up. I was not able to leave such a nice boy stranded there and seeing that my presence was to his liking, I was motivated to be a little more daring, but he, leaving aside shyness and sweaty clothes, this boy with fabulous hairy legs He dives into a nearby puddle in front of my eyes, which I couldn’t resist and went after him …The forest flourished before my eyes … although it was not the only thing that surfaced that day ..After this experience, my brother’s bicycle began to disappear from home eventually, to make mountain tours after a boy with beautiful hairy legs.

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