Feb 18

Josiah Lofton: Nude Photo Shoots

Hey guys!Welcome to my first blog! I figured I’d get started with something that I did this weekend. As a cam model I spend time in front of the camera performing, but I also love photography! I’m taking some classes at my college and just finished my favorite assignments ever! The first was to capture shape in the human body, and the second was self portraits. I texted one of my more sex positive girl friends and asked if she’d be down to let me pose her nude for a shoot, and she said yes right away! She was stoked, but I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do for the self portraits yet. After camming one night it seemed clear as day: shoot myself nude! Since this was a school assignment, I didn’t want to give my classmates the same angles I show you all, I had to come up with another theme for the shoot. It wasn’t until after my friend and I had decided how we were going to do her shoot that I figured it out. With hers, we were going for a quiet but strong confidence in femininity, so I figured why not do the same with mine? We did great with hers. Mine, however, took a lot more effort. After running back and forth between the backdrop and the camera a million times, I had the images I wanted: images highlighting my legs, ass and hips. I wanted to produce a series of images that would speak something like “I’m a man, I’m masculine and feminine, and I’m sexy!” Sex positivity is important to me, and I hope I can help make sex less taboo. Especially for the LGBT+ community! So this weekend I did two nude photo shoots, had a blast while doing it, and hopefully produced something that somebody will appreciate. Much Love,Josiah

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